Here is some cool stuff!

Here is a page of some of cool software that i have been using.

I hope this is helpful.


some of the things i have been using for media ( and videos)


This application is a closed source music whose main strength is how easy it is to customise it how you want it to be.
Plus due to its large userbase and provided sdk from the site there is a plugin for pretty much anything you would want from a music player.
One real problem is that the stock ui/ux can be quite jarring for a new user so it can be understandable if you do not enjoy using it.


This application is an open source daw which supports quite a few different uses.
Also due to it being such a widely used open source application the amount of extensions for this is absolutely insane you can pretty much use plus the ability to be able to customise it is insane.



Despite having such a silly name yes this is an official microsoft tool for windows and you can't really blame em that much as it's probably much better than any name that you could think of.
The best toy that I have been using every day on both win 10 and win 11 has been PowerToys Run which for any mac users which may be reading this will find it quite similar to spotlight as it server the same function.

Visual Studio Code

When it comes to development environments everbody has their own personal preferences with my personal favourite being vscode, this is due to not only the high modularity but also the large community that choose to make themes for this wonderful application. This isn't the only great thing about it another benefit is the mystical cross-platform support that allows for you to be able to no matter what operating system you are using to develop your stuff, I tend to utilize this when im editing my c# code in linux.
Another great thing is due to this being open source you could fork your own version of this to any operating system that you would want to use it on, and on top of this due to the major support from developers with the right extension you could write for any language that you would want from big languages like c++ all the way down to smallscale stuff such as c64 basic.